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Structure-guided drug development for treatment of rifampin-resistant TB

X-ray crystallographic study of the mechanism of transcription

Cryo-EM to capture structures of macromoles in transcription process

X-ray crystal structure of RNA polymerase and DksA/ppGpp complex

Bacteriophage N4 RNA polymerase

Welcome to the Murakami Lab at Penn State University

Our research interests are centered on understanding the mechanism of gene expression by the enzyme RNA polymerase. We apply X-ray crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy techniques to reveal three-dimensional structures of bacterial, archaeal and bacteriophage RNA polymerases for elucidating the mechanism of RNA transcription and its regulation.

Latest news:

November 09, 2017: Yeonoh Shin will give a seminar (12:05 pm, 107 Wartik Laboratory) “Structural and Biochemical Studies of Bacterial RNA Polymerase Engaged in Reiterative Transcription during Transcript Initiation at pyrG and pyrBI Promoters”

October 26, 2017: Catherine Sutherland will give a seminar (12:05 pm, 107 Wartik Laboratory) “Rifampicin Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: Investigating Fitness Cost and Subsequent Compensation”

October 16, 2017: Our study, the crystal structure of reiterative transcription complex, is featured on CHESS website.

June 26, 2017: A paper reporting the crystal structure of reiterative transcription complex is published in PNAS. Congratulations Yeonoh and Vadim! More…

June 25-30, 2017: Vadim, Zuhaib, Anoop, Catherine, Yeonoh and Katsu attended and presented their works at the FASEB summer research conference “Mechanism and Regulation of Prokaryotic Transcription” at Saxtons River, Vermont. More…